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When a grant application is received, we seek out 2 or 3 reviewers with expertise in the topic to examine the application and suggest ways to help the applicant improve it. Reviewers receive instructions on how to review and score the 4-page applications. The reviews are sent to the MicroResearch office, summarized, and emailed to the applicants to help them improve their research.

What does a Coach do?

The role of the coach is to assist a MicroResearch project team in East Africa to sharpen their research question and to provide helpful comments as the research proposal is developed. The coach can give insights on methods, and advice on budget etc. Once the proposal is ready, the coach can help the team make changes suggested by reviewers, and as the project is carried out. Coaching usually takes less than an hour a week with communication done via the internet: e-mail, or Skype.

What skill sets are needed by a Coach?

Experience in a developing country is an asset but not a prerequisite. Being practical and being eager to help grow research capacity in a developing country are the critical factors with research experience an asset. MicroResearch gives tips on the principles needed. The coach’s skills and expertise are always matched to the needs of a project.

It was a great pleasure to be part of this project [MicroResearch]. As you can see already there is so much interest in this project from all perspectives. Fortunately, you gave me the sticks [i.e.. flash drive] with all of the materials on it and secondly as a mentor, I will find myself much closer to these materials from time to time.
— Dr. Richard Odoi, Dean Faculty of Health Professions, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

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